About Us

Over the years, we have lead the way in assisting businesses large and small, new and old, to find their way in a complicated world. Every business and industries has it own unique business issues that affect the enterprises ability to compete in the marketplace. And each business has it own internal issues that affect the solutions that can be deployed. Unlike others who experiences limit their ability to only one business issue or another, at J. Dennis Gordon, we have the experience to deal with all aspects of the business enterprise. No matter what facet of the business needs our attention, we have the tools to help you make the right decisions and become that dynamic business you have always dreamed of.


We understand what it takes to be an industry leader. And the marketplace makes us compete in every aspect of the enterprise to become a successful company. That is why our processes focus on the people who work for the enterprise, the products and/or services that they offer, and the process utilized from beginning to end to bring their product and/or services to market. We believe every successful business is well lead, with superior talent, innovative and competitive products and/or services, and modern processes in place to deliver to their satisfied customers and valued shareholders, alike.


Success does not happen by accident. It takes preparation, planning and flawless execution. And the knowledge and experience to manage the process. For over 40 years, J. Dennis Gordon has been delivering success. From delivering one of the first convenience store concepts to Standard Oil of Ohio in 1973 to hyper-local directory search to Goodinfo.com today, we have experience across multiple markets and industry segments for companies of all types and sizes. Electronic Funds Transfers for American Check, SentryGlas® hurricane and blast resistant glass for DuPont, atmospheric water generating machines for Island Sky, fashion sense for Sunbeam Casual and more.


MARKETING. From business plans to market research, we offer a complete array of
marketing programs. Web analytics, link building, SEO services, social media strategies,
directory marketing, product development, promotional strategies and more.
ADVERTISING. From traditional media to social media and internet marketing
programs, we offer full service solutions and innovative strategies to help our clients complete and win in their markets. Media planning, media buying, ad creative, copywriting, placement services, printing, direct mail, email, SMS programs, PPC programs, video production, and more.
BUSINESS CONSULTING. Front end or back end services, cost side or sell side, business capitalization, secession strategies, strategic business strategies, and more. Whatever your needs, we have the tools to advise you on any area of your business.
BUSINESS ANALYSIS. People, product and process. We have a full array of services to evaluate the essential areas of any business. Whether it’s the products or services that you sell, the process you deploy to deliver those goods or services, or your talented people, we have custom programs designed to make you a success in the marketplace.
People, Products and Process are the Driving Forces for a Successful Business


Account services are headed by J. Dennis Gordon. Dennis has been involved in developing strategic plans, marketing, advertising and public relations campaigns for over 40 years. He brings a unique business knowledge to the company’s clients having spent over half his career in corporate management for several consumer products manufacturers and most recently with a on-line directory search/business services company . Previously, Dennis has held the positions of President and Chief Operating Officer with Goodinfo.com, Inc., Executive Vice President & Senior Partner with the Rothchild Group and Senior Vice President – Marketing and Planning with Keller Industries, Inc. Mr. Gordon has participated in hundreds of business and strategic plans over his 40 year career, including:

  • One of the first automotive/ convenience store formats – 1975, client: Allen Eder & Associates. Sold prototype concept to Standard Oil of Ohio
  • Business Plan & Capitalization Strategy – 1993, client: Retrax Safety Systems, Inc. The Company raised over 7.5 million dollars for product development and FDA approval.
  • Stamps & More, Inc. – Revolutionary marketing product that combined U.S. Postage Stamps and manufacturers coupons for the food and drug industry.
  • Business Plan – 2012, client: Goodinfo.com, Inc..

Typically, the company deals with a full range of issues affecting the client including; target audience of product/services, market segments development, industry competitive analysis, marketing goals, sales objectives, personnel, PP & E issues, market execution strategies, milestone/timelines, market size and share issues, etc. to develop a comprehensive business strategy and plan for our clients.


  • Addy Award – “Quality is Fact, not Fantasy” Trade Ad Series/Keller Industries, Inc.
  • Ad Q – Outstanding Reader Response/National Home Center News
  • Outstanding Advertiser Award – Home Center Magazine
  • The Drummer Award – Product Catalog/Keller Ladders, Inc.
  • Addy Award – Stainmaster Carpet Series/American Carpet Mills
  • AHMA Distinguished Achievement Award – Product Packaging – Keller Ladders
  • The Innovators Award – P.O.P. Display/Estate Series